Protect Yourself - All Face Masks Available With Replacement Filters Lasting Up-to 7 days


  • What sizes of face mask do you offer?
    • We currently offer within our tailored face mask range either adult or kid's sizes (Suitable for over 3 years old).
    • Our kn95 & disposable face masks are available in adult sizes only.
  • Do you offer a custom / embroidery option for your tailored face masks?
    • Yes we do - contact us for more information.
  • How long will my order take to arrive?
    • We are receiving both deliveries of face masks & filters weekly from our production department. 
    • In-stock orders placed before 3pm will be dispatched next business day.
    • Items out of stock replenished weekly.  
    • Face masks & filters are currently arriving between 7-9 day's from production & then dispatched to customers. 
    • All Items dispatched via Royal Mail Track & Signed.  
  • Are the replacement filters supplied with the face masks or sold separately?
    • The Pm2.5 Filters are available individually for purchase. 
    • However for an initial period we are offering a free filter with each purchase. 
  • Can the face masks be machine washed?
    • Yes our tailored face masks are machine washable and its advisable that the face mask is washed every week.
  •  Can the Pm2.5 filters be machine washed?
    • No they should be replaced at least once a week.
  • Are the replacement filters certified?
    • The Pm2.5 filter offers a 5 layer barrier consisting of the following:
  1. ) Non-woven fabric.
  2. ) Melt blown cotton.
  3. ) Activated carbon fiber.
  4. ) Melt blown cotton.
  5. ) None-woven fabric.
  • Can these masks & filters block the covid-19 coronavirus?
    • No they are a barrier for you and other people to help stop the spread of covid-19. Which is thought to spread by coughs & sneezes.
  • Are the tailored face masks classified as PPE (Personal Protective Equipment)?
    • No our tailored face masks are not.
    • However our KN95 & disposable medical masks are, which are also available for purchase. 
    • Whats your contact details?
      • Tel: +44(0)203 608 5240
      • Email: